University / K-12

W.A.R.N. is helping public and private colleges and universities and community colleges balance the costs of delivering rapid campus-wide information dissemination with the reality of tight budgets, reduced governmental funds and vocal demands from parents and staff.

W.A.R.N. uses a holistic approach in helping safeguard your institution's students, visitors, faculty, staff and physical assets – often tying its solutions to existing on-campus investments (speakers, signage, towers) to make the whole more valuable than each of its pieces. Our commitment to 'total campus protection' and utilizing existing systems driven by our web-based tools and API solutions, is unparalleled in the industry.

Serving as both providers and consultants, W.A.R.N. can help with a risk assessment of your campus using trained campus and public safety law enforcement professionals who can be used to help identify specific uses of W.A.R.N. working solutions to help address issues or vulnerabilities.

Staying ahead of new security challenges requires proactive and cooperative planning, innovation and advanced technologies. We can provide web access in cooperation with your IT organization to any university data source for all students, alumni, and faculty with limited incremental user costs, making it easy to integrate our systems for alerting, mobilization, evacuation, lock-down or shelter in place, human resources and other helpful communication outreach for parents, student information, alumni, finance and more.

Read our Higher Education Response and Alerting Document.