Public Safety

W.A.R.N. enjoys a number of successful relationships with local, state, and federal public safety agencies around the country and provides cost-effective alternatives for some of their common everyday needs. We have replaced "per paging" charges with unlimited paging, "unleashed' the power of ESRI-GIS from workstations out to the web and with on-board W.A.R.N. ESRI toolbars, replaced paper management of Emergency Operations Plans and COOP and COG plans with online, real live active plans that can be printed any time at the touch of a button, and so much more.

At W.A.R.N. we realize that the needs of planners, responders and dispatchers who deal with emergencies are not just limited to the confines of their facility or city limits. Today, we need coordinated, integrated and common solutions for the city, county, region and state so everyone is "on the same page" night and day.

W.A.R.N. is positioned to help governmental organizations – and private industry – meet the challenges of maintaining and improving safeguards and response against natural disasters, crime, and terrorism. Our solutions have helped agencies at all levels offer a consistent public safety structure throughout the communities under their jurisdiction.