Homeland Security

W.A.R.N. works in concert with our federal and state government agencies to help provide over a dozen integrated solutions for homeland security, with an enterprise solution that includes communication, emergency planning, emergency management and continuity of government, disaster resource monitoring and deployment, biometric ID and credentialing, and more.

W.A.R.N.'s homeland security action plans match up to the four main priorities of the Department of Homeland Security Office. At the core of our service is ensuring the safe exchange of classified information among all levels of government within any of the applications we provide or connect to or through.

W.A.R.N.'s capability and experience is enhanced by the integration of off the shelf working applications with custom-designed security or on-site requirements, now serving a variety of clients in high risk, high threat and high profile environments.

More than ever, it's clear that our government's most important responsibility is the physical safety of its citizens. Meeting that responsibility is the coordinated and integrated W.A.R.N. suite --- allowing the secure sharing of information and a host of planning, communication, response and recovery tools that keep the channels open today among hundreds of federal, state, local and private organizations through agencies like the DHS NICC (National Infrastructure Coordinating Center) where W.A.R.N. has served for four years.

W.A.R.N. is the right solution for the demands and challenges of a new era. With extensive hands-on experience, implementation, learning and 'best practices' training at all levels of federal, state and local government, we have come to know and appreciate 'the business of government.'