Federal / Military

Systems implemented for intelligent management, security, and defense must be able to read and respond to patterns of events that can indicate pending natural or manmade threats. Traditional data management and analysis software architectures cannot keep pace with the volume and velocity of the data streaming into many of today's modern intelligence systems. W.A.R.N. applications provide real-time data mining, analysis and suggested actions -- based on the inputs and permissions allowed into the system.

Public and private data sources, proprietary solutions and third party investments like DOT cameras or CDC Biowatch sensors can all be fed into the W.A.R.N. Continuity engine and be working in the background during an event to bring a clearer picture of the total situational awareness. W.A.R.N. can provide a symbiosis between government agencies, private sector parties, and groups like retired and volunteer corps when a situation requires rapid analysis, decision and mobilization. W.A.R.N. acts as your virtual systems integrators to help solve real-time challenges that have previously been time-consuming and often disconnected.