W.A.R.N. ID Security

The W.A.R.N. Passive Biometric Security Solution

Scalability & Security: and the "One-Time Pad" en masse.

The original thinking was that one-to-one systems were limited, and that one-to-many systems were the only way to serve large numbers of people. This was before the inexpensive, secure, passive W.A.R.N. SOLUTION card had emerged as a contender.

The W.A.R.N. SOLUTION encrypted PDF417 printed barcode is exactly like the "one-time codebook pad", the only unbreakable code ever devised and proven when its simple rules are followed.

The coding of every message sent by a "one-time pad" was unique and never repeated. In this case, the "code sender" is the enrolled person, and the "code receiver" is the biometric in the barcode. Altering the barcode renders it useless --- because it no longer matches the individual. No other person can use the barcode, because it will not biometrically match.

Each read and verification of the fingerprint to barcode is as secure as a single use of the one-time pad. The primary privacy and security issue that an "identity" can be stolen is solved because each check of the identity is verified only to the enrolled person.

Non-magnetic, printed W.A.R.N. SOLUTION ID cards can't be blanked or reprogrammed, and they contain expiration dates, use restrictions, and data management and handling commands.

Even counterfeited cards made with genuine but stolen W.A.R.N. SOLUTION enrollment software may look good to the eye, but will not pass scanning checks that look for secret enrollment verification data within the card.

Please see our two (2) PDF papers on this solution:

  1. WARN Passive Biometric ID Solution (PDF 28kb)- Product Overview - Gives a brief history of Secure ID technologies and solutions, along with the unique advantages of the solution we provide.
  2. WARN Passive Biometric ID (PDF 30kb)- Specification Template - can be used as a comparative punch list For an agency or organization considering technologies and the features, cost, and security issues they might wish to consider in a purchase.

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