W.A.R.N. Web-based Emergency Operations Planning

W.A.R.N. Web EOP is designed to keep Emergency Operations Plans up-to-date and accessible to all plan users.

Using a unique combination of firsthand emergency planning experience and state of the art software, W.A.R.N. Web EOP is offered as an exclusive partner solution and specialized online planning tool to assist local and state Emergency Management Agencies in developing useful Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) in compliance with both NIMS and state-specific planning standards.

The Web-based Emergency Operations Planning tool, available from W.A.R.N., allows users to add, edit and delete information online, as well as save and print out their plan in the format of their choice. W.A.R.N. Web EOP allows Emergency Managers to keep their plans current and to distribute changes with a simple mouse click!

Since W.A.R.N. Web EOP is available 24/7 online and supported by the W.A.R.N. 24 / 7 Support Center, multiple users can access the system simultaneously from anywhere with only an Internet connection. W.A.R.N. Web EOP helps Emergency Management Agencies engage stakeholders and responsible agencies in the planning process, thus ensuring buy-in and support for the resulting EOP.

To learn more or for a demonstration, please email us at information@warncalling.com.