W.A.R.N. Care Calls

"Wide Area Rapid Notification (W.A.R.N.) has been installed to manage the "Care Calls" Program following the model developed by W.A.R.N. for the City of Cleveland Department of Aging.

Jane Fumich, Director, Department of Aging, initiated W.A.R.N. services, for the City of Cleveland, OH. "We were using another system to check on our seniors and quite frankly, it didn't work very well. We've been extremely satisfied with W.A.R.N.'s performance. Not only does their "Care Calls" system work well, and is easily understandable, their customer service is superb."

The W.A.R.N. program differs from other notification providers in several key ways. The W.A.R.N. elderly and handicapped notification program allows for automated calling to a large group simultaneously, then reports and removes all positive responses. Then the program moves into a series of re-dials, removing and reporting additional responses as received. If after a certain number of specified calls, there is no response, the program can escalate to "family members", "key holders", pastors, or others who are concerned or responsible for the senior. They are automatically contacted in a rotating sequence, ensuring someone responds positively to check on the adult. All of these cycles will complete, and report back to the Aging Director, before an EMS or City vehicle is dispatched. Using the W.A.R.N. system can save thousands of dollars in fees for "false alarms" and lost time and productivity for EMS personnel when a true emergency does not exist.

To learn more or for a demonstration, please email us at information@warncalling.com.

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