Hurricane Sandy brings WARN System Deployments

  • WARN 'rapid set-up' helped during Hurricane peak November 5th, 2012 — In just a few short days before Hurricane Sandy crashed into the eastern seaboard, WARN created several 'rapid set-up' 1-way and 2-way communication environments to help manage the adverse impact and after-effects of the superstorm.

    In combination with communication providers in the midwestern, southern and western regions of the country (not impacted by the storm), WARN launched 800 Toll Free call in services for use by agencies and departments to be able to constantly update their own information, and to give specific instructions to employees and contractors and responders (regardless of their location) by simply using the Toll Free Dial-in, which administrators could update on-the-fly as the situations changed or worsened.

    Even some organizations that are not currently WARN customers were provided access to outbound 2-way notification, mobilization, and inbound update services --- which were fully mobilized in the last 48-72 hours before the storm hit.

    WARN 24/7 Support was included, and many of the users continue today on the various systems that were provided, as they work to try to get back to normal operations. For more information on how WARN services were rapidly deployed and used during this crisis, please email us at