WARN: Ten Years and Growing

  • WARN Celebrates 10 Years of 24/7 Service in 2012 February 27th, 2012 — WARN celebrates its 10th year in 2012, with a growing product line, robust hosted solutions, and new partnerships in the federal and commercial arenas.

    For 10 years, WARN has introduced a steady series of software products connected to an ever-expanding COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) communication engine platform that has successfully delivered tens of millions of emergency, informational and internal messages via multiple network modalities including email, all telephone types, SMS, PDA, pagers, fax, RSS feeds, text, and others.

    WARN COTS solutions are designed to be easily accessed and to interoperate with existing system components. Our COTS deployments typically require configuration or provisioning -- allowing the base secure distributed application (SDA) to be tailored for specific uses, or to integrate smoothly with existing systems. The use of COTS products like WARN, across government and business applications, can offer significant savings in procurement, development, and maintenance.

    Since its inception, WARN has steadily added modules and tools to its communication engine platform, including powerful ESRI GIS mapping Tool Bars and web-hosted distributed enterprise GIS mapping, weather connectivity tools for use with NOAA, NWS, and 3rd party commercial weather analysis providers, data management and desktop tools for content management, and more.

    WARN has also participated in GOTS (government off-the-shelf) software development in concert with the technical staff of the US Department of Energy - Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL) for the Tag In, Tag out (TiTo) personnel management program, with funding and specification from the agency.

    For 2012 and beyond, WARN is aggressively developing strategic relationships with even more partners and providers in order to continue growth, by referral and successful deployments, to additional federal, state, regional, local, tribal and non-profit agencies and organizations.