W.A.R.N. Customers, Public Safety Officers Prepare for Irene

  • Irene Rainfall Graph August 26th, 2011 — As Hurricane Irene bears down on U.S. shores with projections showing it to affect coastal areas from North Carolina to New Jersey, W.A.R.N. system users are launching notifications and alerts for evacuations, shelter, staging of supplies, and continuity of business and government.

    Damaging winds and flooding rain will be a huge concern for locations well inland, including Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and much of Pennsylvania and New York.

    The American Red Cross has posted preparation instructions and information on its website found here: (Cut and Paste entire link into your browser to access the downloadable information)


    Responders are receiving coordinated messaging in key areas regarding the staging of supplies for recovery -- ranging from water, generators, sand, vehicles for transport of injured, medical preparation and more.

    Rain and flood surge for this event could cause the most damage. This image from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission reveals an area of deep convection (shown in red) near the storm’s center where precipitation-sized particles are being carried aloft. These tall towers are associated with strong thunderstorms responsible for the area of intense rain near the center of Irene. They can be a precursor to strengthening as they indicate areas within a storm where vast amounts of heat are being released. This heating, known as latent heating, is what is drives a storm’s circulation and intensification.