Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is the Department of Energy's largest science and energy laboratory -- whose main mission is research and product development in the nuclear and energy fields.

    ORNL has a staff of more than 4,600 annually and hosts approximately 3,000 guest researchers from scientific and research institutions from around the United States and the world.

    Besides the Department of Energy, ORNL is partnered with two other DOE groups located in the Oak Ridge, TN Valley. They are Bechtel Jacobs, a private environmental contractor for DOE and Y 12, a manufacturer of complex nuclear components and secondaries.


    ORNL is located on highly secure campus housing sensitive information and materials in the scientific areas of neutron science, energy, high-performance computing, systems biology, materials science at the nanoscale, and national security. Although the ORNL legacy emergency notification system was capable of delivering notifications, it was slow and the capabilities were limited. One specific challenge was the existing notification system was unable to interface with some of ORNL's other critical systems.

    A particularly challenging situation involved ORNL's "Tag-in/Tag-out" (TITO) system, which manages "on-call" representatives within ORNL, and from its partner groups, in case the EOC is activated. An "on-call" individual is placed on top of the list for 30 days to be called in case an incident occurs. After 30 days (or if the individual is on vacation or otherwise unavailable), he or she is placed at the bottom of the list and the second individual takes his or her place for the next 30 days. Individual rotation occurs on a continuous basis. Duty rosters were done manually, with the notification system updated daily by the operator. ORNL needed a system that not only had the ability to contact its employees and DOE partners quickly, but could also automate key emergency operation center tasks.


    ORNL chose W.A.R.N. because W.A.R.N. was able to match a specific solution to fit its particular needs. W.A.R.N. Command's robust software allows ORNL LSS staff to implement its communication procedures through the system itself. Capabilities include escalations, alternate staffing, simultaneous messaging, real-time reporting, just to name a few. W.A.R.N. Command also has API capabilities that allow the system to interface with other systems critical to the EOC. In addition, W.A.R.N.'s engineering capabilities allow for customization of applications where needed.

    W.A.R.N.'s programmers designed a module, which interfaces with the traditional TITO data system, automatically updating W.A.R.N. Command. Further, the module is able to perform monthly duty roster rotation, while updating W.A.R.N. Command with the rotational data, and simultaneously notifying individuals responsible for tagging in, after another employee or contractor has tagged out.

    Before, ORNL's TITO system was strictly manual, but now using the W.A.R.N. system it is now fully automated and widely compatible with other systems in use at the Lab.

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