City of Cleveland, OH

  • The City of Cleveland is located in the center of the largest combined Metropolitan Statistical Area in the State of Ohio, with over 2.9 million residents.

    Greater Cleveland's aging population contains over 90 nationalities including African American, Hispanic, Asian, Eastern European, Western European, Native American, Russian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander.

    Greater Cleveland is known for its neighborhoods and suburbs. Along with surrounding industry, health care institutions, rail, financial districts and manufacturing, the Greater Cleveland Area has over 75 cities, and hundreds of neighborhood districts.


    The City of Cleveland originally contracted W.A.R.N. to help manage its Cleveland Care Calls Program.

    Jane Fumich, Director of the Department of Aging, initiated W.A.R.N. services because its current system was inadequate. "We were using another system to check on our seniors and quite frankly, it didn't work very well. We've been extremely satisfied with W.A.R.N.'s performance. Not only does their elderly wellness check system work well, and is easily understandable, their customer service is superb."


    Cleveland Care Calls was re-designed using W.A.R.N., to automatically check up on elderly residents in the city, and electronically gather their positive response to their daily wellness check, automatically recording their responses and report on the calls in real-time. The system is also able to automatically escalate to client key holders in case the senior does not respond to the phone call.

    Since W.A.R.N.'s initial implementation with Cleveland Department of Aging, W.A.R.N.'s notification solutions have expanded within the Cleveland region considerably. W.A.R.N. is now being used by multiple agencies throughout the Greater Cleveland area, including Cleveland Public Safety, Homeland Security, DHS Region 2 Special Operations, regional USAR and Hazmat, Cleveland's Mayors Office, and Cleveland Department of Public Health.

    W.A.R.N. is used for special events, including the International Children's Games, the largest international multi-sport youth Olympic sporting event. President George Bush and aides were in constant redundant contact with appropriate agencies at the City's Incident Command Center. W.A.R.N. is in the communication plan for multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional event management for coming events including the Gay Games scheduled for 2014 and the city's potential hosting of the Democratic National Convention.

    Since 2009, through regional cooperation and consolidation, Cuyahoga County Emergency Management Agency and Cuyahoga County Board of Health has begun implementing W.A.R.N. solutions including W.A.R.N. Command, W.A.R.N. Broadcast and W.A.R.N. Geo-Powered.

    Within a period of 6 years, consistent and dependable voice, text and fax messages by the hundreds of thousands have been successfully sent via W.A.R.N. out to hundreds of thousands of residents, visitors and public safety officials.

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