W.A.R.N. Case Studies

W.A.R.N. solutions can be molded to help solve unique challenges within every user environment.

We partner with customers and technology to create human solutions, whether those are used for extreme emergency, improvement of manpower and volunteer resources, or simple everyday operating improvements.

Our experienced professionals can help identify unplanned or ancillary uses for our services, and W.A.R.N. can customize programs to fit each customer's individual needs.

Below is a sampling of some of WARN's specific responses using basic W.A.R.N. services and technologies, to help solve nagging challenges that -- - often with just minor adaptation or adjustment –can make the most of existing W.A.R.N. applications.

Doing more with the tools W.A.R.N. provides is a way we try to add a value proposition to our services, while demonstrating our ability to "hear the customer" and customize for current challenges and help assist in future improvements.

  • City of Cleveland, OH

    Cleveland Care Calls was re-designed using W.A.R.N., to automatically check up on elderly residents in the city, and electronically gather their positive response to their daily wellness check, automatically recording their responses and report on the calls in real-time. The system is also able to automatically escalate to client key holders in case the senior does not respond to the phone call.

  • Jefferson County, AL (Birmingham)

    W.A.R.N. was able to make the gauges "smarter", with no new hardware investment, by taking the same CAD signal used internally and simply sending it through W.A.R.N. to trigger automated notifications to emergency response groups (who are already out in the community) and who are not required to be sitting at the CAD monitor station.

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

    ORNL chose W.A.R.N. because W.A.R.N. was able to match a specific solution to fit its particular needs. W.A.R.N. Command's robust software allows ORNL LSS staff to implement its communication procedures through the system itself. Capabilities include escalations, alternate staffing, simultaneous messaging, real-time reporting, just to name a few. W.A.R.N. Command also has API capabilities that allow the system to interface with other systems critical to the EOC. In addition, W.A.R.N.'s engineering capabilities allow for customization of applications where needed.

  • University of California - Davis

    After an exhaustive search and the reviewing of dozens of emergency notification proposals and select onsite presentations, W.A.R.N. was chosen to fulfill UC Davis' requirements due to a positive combination of features, network capabilities and advantageous pricing.