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  • WARN Continuity Internet Messaging Whiteboard and Chat Functions

    WARN Continuity has a secure built-in collaboration and communication functionality for online users and remote users. Read about how WARN continuity is platform independent and is scalable to support up to tens of thousands of registered users.

    W.A.R.N. Continuity Internet Messaging, Whiteboard and Chat FunctionsRead more
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  • The Myth of Unlimited Usage of Telephony Ports in Notification Communications

    There are two important aspects to any effective notification communications solution before deciding on which company will handle your service: They are software functionality and most importantly, the required infrastructure to support message delivery.

    This paper focuses on telephony ports, the backbone of infrastructure; and the differences between shared, dedicated and reserved ports.

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  • Short Message Service (SMS) Is it the answer for messaging?

    SMS was used successfully to warn students and faculty during the Virginia Tech shooting. As a result, more and more institutions are relying on SMS delivery in order to communicate urgent messages. Sometimes, however, SMS isn't always reliable. This paper discusses the 'whys' and 'hows' of SMS and why redundancy should always be considered when developing an effective mass communications program for your organization.

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  • Characterizing the Limitation of Third-Party EAS Over Cellular Text Messaging Services

    This paper is a more detailed analysis on SMS delivery and what should be considered when developing a mass communications program. The paper was shared by one of W.A.R.N.'s current customers.

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  • Hosted, Installed, or Hybrid:
    Emergency Notification Deployment – Cost Benefit Analysis

    There is a lot to consider when deciding whether or not to implement an emergency notification program for your organization. One of the issues is whether or not to choose a hosted or installed system, or a combination of the two.

    This paper explores the differences of all three and the cost considerations that must be made when making the final choice.

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  • W.A.R.N. Continuity
    Instant Connectivity to Multiple Systems

    This paper discusses W.A.R.N. Continuity and how it's able to link to virtually every electronic system, sensor and database found in a supply chain or within an extended port model.

    W.A.R.N. Continuity Instant Connectivity to Multiple SystemsRead more
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  • Outbound Emergency Notification System

    W.A.R.N. is the only provider that offers multiple paths to final message delivery. This paper discusses the "last mile" telecommunication service providers, third-party aggregators and W.A.R.N.'s working relationships through these essential partners.

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  • W.A.R.N. Q & A
    How many calls can W.A.R.N. complete in a given minute?

    The question of speed delivery is posed to W.A.R.N. by more customers than any other question. This paper attempts to put the subject in perspective and shed light onto how calls are actually delivered and the role that "last mile" telecommunication providers play in the final analyses.

    W.A.R.N. Q & A How many calls can W.A.R.N. complete in a given minute?Read more
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  • Proactive Outbound Notification Saves Money

    Forrester Research is one of the largest and most respective research companies in the world today. This paper written by one of Forrester's Analysts discusses how leveraging a proactive notification solution can actually save your organization money down the road by offering your customers personalized services.

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  • Software As A Service: Value To Go

    Software As A Service (SaaS) is becoming more and more popular to organizations because of its low cost and reliability. This paper discusses how to evaluate the ROI of the SaaS model and how viable it is for your organization.

    Software As A Service: Value To GoRead more
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