W.A.R.N. Management Team

J. Larry Lowrance, VP – Operations and Client Services

Larry served at IBM for 30 years, beginning in Engineering and later moving into both manufacturing and finance. After an assignment in Corporate Manufacturing, he was involved in IBM's Far East product acquisitions, and later international manufacturing management in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He has extensive experience in people management, project management, business management and customer training and support issues. Larry directs the integration planning, training, and general operations management for the company.

Janet Buchwald, VP - Sales

Janet has been in business-to-business marketing and sales for over 25 years. She served at State Industrial Chemical, Cleveland, OH, in marketing and sales, and later as Marketing Manager with Corporate 500 Dexter Corporation. She established the American sales and marketing program for Joucomatic Controls, a French-owned manufacturer, and was recruited into Account Management with the Communication Alliance, and later as Marketing Director, Brick Association of the Carolinas, and formerly Marketing Director for Centric, a global leader in mining and materials heavy equipment.

John N. Autry, Chief Technology Officer

John has served as Team Leader for IT Project Management Services for some of the largest projects ever built for the Internet, including G.E. Plastics (Polymerland), Volvo Trucks NA, and Internet Security Systems (ISS). These projects involved extensive management and IT solution development services, working in concert with internal corporate IT departments. Other clients served by John in the last 27 years include communication and corporate development for Ingersoll-Rand and the NBA Charlotte Hornets. John is a specialist in IT project management and development, corporate communications, and goal-oriented team management.

Donald B. Griffis, Senior Advisor

Mr. Griffis founded W.A.R.N. (Wide Area Rapid Notification) serving as CEO and President from 2001 to 2015. He developed the process model for applying modified web-enabled multi-modal networks for rapid communication by the emergency response community -- specifically to facilitate affordable wide area rapid notification. In 1995, Griffis formed GCi Inc., to develop IT & communication solutions, conducting over 50 IT business development seminars with over 700 companies. Mr. Griffis was partner in Griffis / Jordan, Inc. and among others served as marketing and creative consultant for the Atlantic Coast regional Cellular One wireless phone group, resulting in the recruitment of over 4 million new business clients in the region until the company was acquired and merged into GTE. Mr. Griffis has produced communication and marketing programs for 17 of the Fortune 500, including Delta Airlines, RJR, U.S. Steel, Gillette, Sara Lee, Nestle', Planters + Lifesavers, and others, representing national and international brands.